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Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference

2014 Keynote Speakers

Jennifer Allen | Director, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University  

Jennifer Allen

Jennifer has taught undergraduate classes on the Green Economy and Environmental Sustainability and graduate courses on Water Policy, Sustainable Development Policy, Sustainability Development Practices, Forest Policy, and Energy Policy. Jennifer has served on the boards of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, Shorebank Pacific, Portland Energy Conservation Inc. and the Portland Sustainability Institute.

Nancy Lord | Author, Early Warming: Crisis and Response in the Climate-Changed North

Nancy Lord

Lord reports from her home base, Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, where the wetlands are shrinking and large-scale modifications in both fresh water and marine conditions threaten the salmon-dependent economy; from Canada's Mackenzie River Valley and Fort Yukon, Alaska, where industrial development endangers the boreal forest, unlocking a massive carbon storehouse; from Barter Island, on the frozen Beaufort Sea, where thawing permafrost and diminished sea ice expose a vulnerable coastline and where "climate change tourism" now dominates the economy; from Shishmaref Island, where the Inupiaq have already voted to relocate because of erosion and flooding; and from Bethel, Alaska, where village elders near the Bering Sea gather to advise fishery managers and to consider the effects of ocean acidification, "climate change's evil twin." In each of these hot spots, residents already cope with climate-induced changes likely to reach the rest of us later. They're already making hard choices about land and water use, fire prevention and species conservation, as well as about combating climate change while still respecting traditional cultures. Amid an unprecedented challenge, the remote north, writes Lord, is a "proving ground," set to reveal either "how creative and responsible humans can be," or how feckless.

Featured Speakers

Mark Allmand | RAD Sustainability Lead, The Evergreen State College, RAD Services

Charlie Ashbaugh | Director, The Institute for Village Studies

Charlie Ashbaugh

Jennifer Atkinson, Ph.D. | Lecturer, Environmental Humanities School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences University of Washington, Bothell  

Jennifer Atkinson

April Atwood | Adjunct professor, Seattle University  

April Atwood

She is on the board of directors for Water for Humans, a non-profit focused on providing clean water technology to communities in Mexico. She has been published in Advances in Consumer Research, Marketing Theory and Applications, and Innovative Marketing.

Cathy Ballew | Graduate, Northwest Indian College

Aubrey Batchelor | Programs Supervisor, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Office, University of Washington  

Aubrey Batchelor

Aubrey presents regularly to UW courses, UW committees, webinars and conferences including the Smart & Sustainable Campuses Conference, the Seattle GoGreen Conference, and the Environmental Protection Agency Food Series. Aubrey has a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Washington where she conducted atmospheric chemistry research related to climate change in Salvador, Brazil. Aubrey has previously worked with the International Respiratory and Severe Illness Center, a collaboration among global health doctors and governmental programs aimed at reducing the burden of illness in low resource areas worldwide.

Matthew Benedict | Recycling Coordinator & Compost Technician, Seattle University  

Matthew Benedict

Ane Berrett, M. A. | Director of Service Learning and Social Science Faculty, Northwest Indian College  

Ane Berrett

Carol Berry | Campus Conservation & Sustainable Transportation Program Manager, Western Washington University  

Carol Berry

Dr. John L. Bower | Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Western Washington University  

John Bower

Beth C. Bryant | Affiliate Assistant Professor of School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, University of Washington  

Beth Bryant

Janie Bube | Graduating Senior, Seattle University  

Janie Bube

Alex Clark | Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative on the Student Government, Bellevue College

Regan Clover | Green Energy Fee Grant Program Coordinator, Western Washington University  

Regan Clover

Christine Cooley | Sustainability Manger, Pacific Lutheran University  

Christine Cooley

Vanessa Cooper | Traditional Plants Program Manager, Northwest Indian College Cooperative Extension  

Vanessa Cooper

Michelle Dannehy | Student, Western Washington University  

Michelle Dannehy

Dr. Susan Digby | Instructor of Geography, Olympic College  

Susan Digby

Susan has two research tracks. The local year-round project involves monthly collections and analysis of marine debris at Old Mill Park in Silverdale. This program is in its fourth year and on average the Olympic College Environmental Outreach Club and Geography students collect over 10,000 pieces of debris annually that are sorted and cataloged. The second involves research into place-making and art, particularly land art. This work has largely taken place during summer vacations. Susan travels, hikes, paints and gardens in her spare time. With the exception of gardening these activities take place, when possible, in Mediterranean regions.

Marie Eaton | Professor, Fairhaven College, Western Washington University  

Marie Eaton

Sarah Egger-Weiler, Sustainability Outreach Coordinator, University of Puget Sound Sustainability Advisory Committee

Sarah Egger-Weiler

Dr. Benjamin Fackler-Adams | Instructor of Interdisciplinary Sciences, Skagit Valley College

Benjamin Fackler-Adams

Beverly Faxon | Adjunct English Instructor, Edmonds Community College  

Beverly Faxon

Mike Fowler | Program Manager, Multifamily New Construction, Puget Sound Energy  

Mike Fowler

Travis Freidman | Sustainability & Energy Manager, University of Puget Sound  

Travis Freidman

John Furman | Director of Facilities Management, Western Washington University  

John Furman

Betsy Geist, PhD. | Dean, Graduate Programs in Leadership and Change, The Center for Creative Change, Antioch University-Seattle  

Betsy Geist

Irina Gendelman | Associate Professor, Co-director Center for Scholarship & Teaching, Saint Martin's University  

Irina Gendelman

Casey Gifford | Transportation Services, University of Washington  

Casey Gifford

Jessica Gigot, Ph.D. | Science Faulty, Northwest Indian College  

Jessica Gigot

Jenny Godwin | Senior, Students for Renewable Energy, Western Washington University  

Jenny Godwin

Sharon Goodman | Director, Residential & Dining Services, The Evergreen State College

Deric Gruen | Sustainability Director, Bellevue College  

Deric Gruen

Jacob de Guzman | Zero Waste Coordinator, Western Washington University  

Jacob de Guzman

During the summer of 2013, he was one of two interns at the North Cascades National Park where he helped collect data on plant communities for a three year vegetation mapping project. Jacob has lobbied in Olympia for environmentally-progressive legislation and is politically active on campus for the WWU Divestment and Real Food Challenge campaigns. He is currently president of the Huxley student chapter of the Air and Waste MGMT Association and recipient of various awards such as Evergreen Boy's State Recognition of Excellence and the John D. Spromberg Scholarship. After school, Jacob plans on gaining more experience in the field before moving on to a graduate program.

Stephen Harvey | Student Project Lead, Western Washington University  

Steve Harvey

Kathi Hiyane-Brown | President, Whatcom Community College  

Kathi Hiyane-Brown

A nationally recognized advocate of community college education, Dr. Hiyane-Brown currently serves on the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Presidents Academy Executive Committee (PAEC); the AACC Innovative Learning and Student Success Commission(ILSS) - formerly the Commission on Academic, Student and Community Relations; and on the board of the National Asian Pacific Islander Council (NAPIC), an affiliate council AACC. She previously served as president and founding member of this council. Additionally, she was a past director on the AACC Board of Directors, and past chair of the Commission on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity for AACC. As a member of the Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC), Dr. Hiyane-Brown serves on the WACTC Executive Committee and is chair of the Critical Issues Committee. Her local leadership experience includes serving on the Boards of the Northwest Economic Development Council (NWEDC) and the Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access (WAHA). In addition to statewide committees focused on the work of the two-year college system, she is a member of the Governor's Taskforce on Adult Education Advisory Council and serves on the board of The Association (the Washington Community and Technical College Administrative Training Association). Dr. Hiyane-Brown's national involvement with professional development includes her experiences as a member of the National Council for Staff, Program, and Organizational Development (NCSPOD), having served in numerous leadership positions, including President, for that organization. She conducts training and workshops on leadership and diversity in venues locally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Hiyane-Brown was the President of Normandale Community College, Bloomington, MN, for four years prior to being appointed president at WCC. She also held administrative posts at Tacoma Community College, Tacoma, WA; Leeward Community College, Pearl City, HI; and Muscatine Community College, Muscatine, IA. Born in Hawai'i, Dr. Hiyane-Brown holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Grinnell College; a Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology, University of Iowa; and a Doctor of Education in Community College Leadership, Oregon State University. Dr. Hiyane-Brown has been recognized as one of 2010's Outstanding Women Educators by the Northwest Asian Weekly Foundation and was the recipient of the 2002 Leadership Award from The Association. In recognition of her commitment to staff and program development, she received NCSPOD's College President's Award in 2012. She has received several other leadership awards.

Tim Hohn, M.S. | Chair & Instructor, Horticulture Department, Edmonds Community College  

Tim Hohn

Megan Horst | Instructor, ENVIR 480 Sustainability Studio, University of Washington

Megan Horst

She also has been a leader in neighborhood-level sustainability projects, and is in the processing of "greening" her home by insulating it, installing solar panels and a roof rainwater catchment system, and developing a mini urban farm. Prior to moving to Seattle, Megan worked as a National Park Service Ranger at Lava Beds National Monument and as a Peace Corps volunteer in Protected Areas Management in western Honduras.

Holly Hughes | English Instructor & Co-chair of the Sustainability Council, Edmonds Community College  

Holly Hughes

Brian Kelly | Vice President of College Services, Lane Community College  

Brian Kelly

Thea Kindschuh | Reuse Coordinator, Portland State University  

Thea Kindschuh

Kurt Kirstein | Dean of the School of Management, City University of Seattle  

Kurt Kirstein

Kendra Krantz | Coordinator, Residents' Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP), Office of Sustainability, Western Washington University  

Kendra Krantz

Ryan Lambert, PE, CEM, PMP, LEED AP | Supervising Engineer of the Building Performance Team, Puget Sound Energy

Ryan Lambert

Alex Lenferna | Ph.D. Candidate of Philosophy, University of Washington  

Alex Lenferna

Grace LeVally | Student Sustainability Director, Gonzaga University  

Grace LeVally

Dr. Susan Lonac | Professor, Whatcom Community College  

Susan Lonac

Nick Lorax | Staff Lead, Pacific Lutheran University's Sustainability Office  

Nick Lorax

James Loucky | Professor of Anthropology, Western Washington University  

James Loucky

Alyssa MacDonald | Student, Green Energy Fee Outreach Assistant, Western Washington University  

Alyssa Mac Donald

Jean MacGregor | Director, Curriculum for the Bioregion, The Evergreen State College  

Jean MacGregor

Peter Martin | Instructor, International Education Division, Edmonds Community College  

Peter Martin

Barry Maxwell | Political Science, History & Economics Instructor, Whatcom Community College  

Barry Maxwell

Lauren McClanahan | Professor of Secondary Education, Woodring College of Education

Lauren McClanahan

John McLaughlin | Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University  

John McLaughlin

April McMurry | Service-Learning Program Coordinator, Center for Service-Learning, Western Washington University  

Kim McNamara, Ph.D. | Business Faculty, Olympic College  

Kim McNamara

Living with her husband and a herd of horses in the middle of 25 acres of woodlands overlooking South Puget Sound and the Southern Olympics, Kim is blessed with abundant opportunities to enjoy breathtaking sunsets. She has contributed many hours of her time to a variety of environmental groups and studies earth ministry when she gets a quiet moment.

Norm Menter | Energy Resource Conservation Manager, University of Washington  

Norm Menter

Scott Morgan | Director of Sustainability, The Evergreen State College  

Scott Morgan

Dr. Thomas Murphy | Chair of the Department of Anthropology, Edmonds Community College & Founder, LEAF School   

Thomas Murphy

Jason Niebler, M.S. | Director & Founder, Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAgE) | Horticulture Department, Edmonds Community College  

Jason Niebler

Sadie Normoyle | Student, Green Energy Fee Education Coordinator, Western Washington University  

Sadie Normoyle

Kai Okazaki | Student Coordinator, Sustainability in Residence | Campus Sustainability, The University of British Columbia  

Kai Okazaki

He is also the student coordinator for sustainability in residence, overseeing over 9400 students on engaging long-term initiatives in 13 different complexes. His previous work includes co-founding Jasper Sustainability Club for Youth, a student organization seeking to engage and contribute to the new high school design with LEED certification.

Pamela Pape-Lindstrom | Co-Chair Life Sciences Department, Everett Community College  

Pamela Pape-Lindstrom

As a past participant in FIRST II and the North Cascades and Olympic Science Partnership, I am very interested in evidence-based teaching methods and improving STEM education. I spent 2012-2013 as a PULSE Leadership Fellow and am currently involved in several projects related to continuing the work of the PULSE Partnership

Jennifer Perkins | Sustainability Communications Coordinator, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, University of Washington  

Jennifer Perkins

Arlene Plevin | Professor, Department of English, Olympic College  

Arlene Plevin

Gifford Pinchot | President, Bainbridge Graduate Institute  

Gifford Pinchot

Chris Plemmons, CEC, AAC | Chef Instructor, Olympic College Culinary Arts Program  

Chris Plemmons

In 2011 he received the President's Award for his commitment to diversity and personal example of leadership and strong sense of civic duty. Chris was presented with the ACF "Cutting Edge" award for recognition of leadership and service to the culinary profession and community. Chris works with the "Chefs Move to Schools" initiative to promote healthy cooking in public schools and was invited to the White House in 2010 to be a part of the campaign kick-off. Currently he serves on the Kitsap County Food Policy Council.

Alison Pugh | Energy Management Director & Sustainability Researcher, Edmonds Community College  

Alison Pugh

Recently, Alison led the development of the college's current Energy Management program, including convening the industry-led advisory committee, developing course sequencing within the degree and certificates to modularize "stackable" certificates leading to the degree, developing curriculum and online content, and is now leading the department as Director.

Les Purce | President, The Evergreen State College  

Les Purce

His term as Chair begins in 2013. At Evergreen, Dr. Purce oversees a $158 million biennial operating budget, a $30 million biennial capital budget, approximately 250 full- and part-time faculty and more than 400 staff. Prior to accepting the presidency at The Evergreen State College he served as Vice President of Extended University Affairs and Dean of Extended Academic Programs at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. He had been with WSU since 1995. Accepting the Evergreen appointment was something of a homecoming for Dr. Purce. He was Executive Vice President at the college from 1992 to 1995. He also served as Interim President of Evergreen for two years before that. He came to Evergreen in 1989 as Vice President for College Advancement. Before coming to Evergreen, Dr. Purce was at Idaho State University as Special Assistant to the President and Director of the Research Park and Economic Development. Dr. Purce's career in the state of Idaho spanned 15 years in both the public and private sectors. He was the first black elected official in the state, serving as city councilman and then mayor of Pocatello. He later served as Director of Idaho's departments of Administration and Health and Welfare under Governor John Evans. In the private sector, he served as partner and chief operating officer of Power Engineering Inc., one of the fastest growing electrical engineering firms in the Northwest. Evergreen serves approximately 4500 students from its main campus in Olympia, at a satellite site in Tacoma, and through a unique reservation-based program for Native American students at five locations around the Puget Sound. Since opening its doors in 1971, the college has become a national leader in the development of interdisciplinary learning communities that combine and coordinate several academic subjects that are traditionally taught separately. Students at Evergreen report higher than average engagement on many benchmark measures of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), including level of academic challenge, active and collaborative learning, student-faculty interaction, enriching educational experiences, and supportive campus environment. Many colleges and universities across the country now model parts of their curricula on Evergreen's innovative approach to interdisciplinary study in the arts and sciences. Sierra magazine and the Princeton Review have repeatedly named Evergreen as one of the top "green" colleges in the nation for its commitment to sustainability and achievements in sustainable practices, operations, academic programming and community outreach. In 2007, Dr. Purce joined 250 other college and university presidents in making the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment and formally committing to the pursuit of campus carbon neutrality. Evergreen also received the Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Practices, the state's top environmental honor. The award highlighted Evergreen's Seminar II building, Washington's first publicly funded education facility certified Gold by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The building makes use of natural ventilation, recycled and sustainable materials, and green roofs. The college received LEED Gold certification for its recently renovated College Activities Building and LEED Silver certification for a remodel of its Laboratory II building. As part of Evergreen's broad liberal arts education mission, Dr. Purce encourages community engagement, curricular innovations and academic programs that educate about social justice issues through the liberal arts and sciences. With Dr. Purce's support, The Evergreen State College vigorously promotes and pursues the values of diversity and equity. The college sponsors an annual Diversity Series, a college-wide educational forum that examines issues of diversity, social justice and equity through the lenses of the arts, sciences and the humanities; Day of Absence/Day of Presence events to promote learning across ethnic, cultural and social differences; and other events and activities each year.

Joan Qazi, Ph.D. | Central Washington Coordinator, Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network's Fresh Food

Joan Qazi

Sonya Remington-Doucette | Faculty, Bellevue College  

Sonya Remington Doucette

Kyle Richard | Corporate Social Responsibility Analyst of Procurement Services, University of Washington  

Kyle Richard

Lizzy Rieke | Staff Coordinator of the Flaming Eggplant Café, The Evergreen State College  

Lizzy Rieke

Lizzy's strongest skills shine in non-hierarchal cooperative group projects. She currently works in the intersecting fields of food justice and cooperative development advising the Flaming Eggplant Cafe, a worker-collective, local and organically sourced cafe at Evergreen. Professionally, Lizzy wants to continue supporting groups in learning cooperative organizing skills to develop local economies that protect vulnerable members and support liberation. She wishes to create a world that truly values nourishment.

Bob Riesenberg | Chair, Sustainability Committee, Whatcom Community College  

Bob Riesenberg

Margaret Robertson | Teacher, Lane Community College

Margaret Robertson

Maureen Ryan | David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow, University of Washington  

Maureen Ryan

Mo also leads workshops on conservation leadership development with groups such as the Conservation Leadership Programme, NatureServe, and the Society for Conservation Biology. She is based in Bellingham, Washington.

Terry Ryan, PE | Director, Energy Systems Operations, Washington State University  

Terry Ryan

Guarrin Sakagawa | Campus Facilities Engineer, University of Washington  

Guarrin Sakagawa

Bruce Shepard | President, Western Washington University  

Bruce Shepard

Ian Siadak | Sustainability Coordinator, The Seattle Community College District

Ian Siadak

Mike Sims | Program Coordinator, The Institute for Sustainable Practices, Lane Community College

Mike Sims

Collin Smith | Student, Whitman College  

Collin Smith

Michael Smith | Academic Custodial Services Senior Supervisor, Western Washington University  

Michael Smith

Michelle Song | AmeriCorps Student Engagement Specialist, Edmonds Community College  

Michelle Song

Erin Stanforth | Sustainability Manager, Portland Community College  

Erin Stanforth

Brian Sullivan | Executive Chef, University of Puget Sound  

Brian Sullivan

Claus Svendsen | Department Chair, Environmental Conservation Program, Skagit Valley College  

Claus Svendsen

David Swayne | ARAMARK Sustainability Intern & Western Washington University Dining Services  

David Swayne

Fred Tabor | Professor of Philosophy, Western Washington University  

Fred Tabor

Jes Takla | Director of Residential Programs, Pacific Lutheran University  

Jes Takla

Melissa Talbot | Division Coordinator for Social Sciences & Business, Law and Technology, Whatcom Community College  

Melissa Talbot

Robert Turner | Senior Lecturer, University of Washington-Bothell

Robert Turner

Dr. Patrick Van Inwegen | Professor of Political Science, Whitworth University  

Patrick Van Inwegen

Shelly Vendiola | Tribal Governance & Business Management Program, Northwest Indian College  

Shelly Vendiola

Ms. Vendiola became a professional mediator through the Indian Dispute Resolution Services, Inc., where she also produced and led alternative dispute resolution training events. She was introduced to mediation, conflict resolution and peacemaking through the San Francisco Community Boards Program, she then became a trainer and served on their board of directors. Shelly continues to lead training in conflict resolution, peacemaking and youth leadership. Additionally, she facilitates strategic planning, community organizing, and alliance building sessions. She has studied the process of digital storytelling and promotes this technique to groups seeking to raise awareness about their issues or work. Shelly provides conflict resolution training and facilitation with her mother and cadre of trainers for tribal communities, organizations, schools and agencies throughout the country. Shelly has a M.Ed. in Adult & Higher Education and practices popular education methodology within all aspects of her work as an educator, activist, and community organizer.

Seth Vidaña | Sustainability Manager, Western Washington University  

Seth Vidana

Grace Wang | Department of Environmental Studies, Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University  

Grace Wang

Zack Wangler | Sustainability Technician, Pacific Lutheran University

Zack Wangler

Tiffany Webb | Education & Evaluations Coordinator, Sustainability in Prisons Project, The Evergreen State College  

Tiffany Webb

With the Sustainability in Prisons Project (SPP), Tiffany coordinates program evaluations as well as the Science and Sustainability Lecture Series held at Washington Corrections Center for Women and Stafford Creek Corrections Center. She is enthusiastic about the opportunities SPP provides Washington inmates, and seeing environmental research and sustainability in all aspects of society.

Marie Weichman | Instructor of Art, Olympic College  

Marie Weichman

As well as exhibiting works of art, Weichman is a founding member of Houston Seven, an artist collaborative aimed at creating works of art that push the boundaries of the accepted definition of art while working with communities to highlight areas of need within the community. From 2004 — 2006 Weichman operated a grassroots gallery focusing on emerging artists. She is also a founding board member of EMPTY BOWLS HOUSTON. Weichman currently serves on the Permanent Acquisitions and Exhibitions Committee for Bainbridge Island Museum of Art and is currently teaching at Olympic College where she is Professor of Art and the Chair of the Faculty Gallery Committee.

Kevin Wilhelm | Chief Executive Officer, Sustainability Business Consulting, Professor, Bainbridge Graduate Institute  

Kevin Wilhelm

Sunni Wissmer | Student, College of Built Environments, University of Washington  

Sunni Wissmer

She received the Husky Green Award for her work in connecting students and Facilities staff on sustainability projects last year. Sunni is nothing short of stoked to be back in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest after spending Fall 2013 abroad working with the community of La Vega Del Volcan in Guatemala through Engineers Without Borders, traveling and studying Biomimicry in the world's rainforests with a syllabus co-created with Biomimicry 3.8, and working with medicinal plants at the Goddess of Amazon Centre in Iquitos, Peru under Dr. Miriam Hacker.

Nicholas Wooten | Student & Clean Energy Committee, The Evergreen State College  

Nicholas Wooten

Now a Junior at TESC, his studies in Permaculture, Non-Profit Management, and Sustainable Curriculum Development have led to the creation of a 16 credit Permaculture pilot program. Course matter for participants range from hands on permaculture skill building, cooperative land management, and communications workshops to studies in ecology, creative writing, social justice, multimedia production, and war.

Nicholas Zaferatos, Ph.D., AICP | Associate Professor of Urban Planning, Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University  

NNicholas Zaferatos

His professional practice in urban planning spans over 35 years and include planning and senior managerial positions and civic appointments on board and commissions with local, regional and Native American governments.

Dr. E.J. Zita | Professor & Farmer, The Evergreen State College

Suzanne Zitzer | Executive Assistant, College of the Environment, University of Washington  

Suzanne Zitzer