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Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference

Programming Schedule

Day One | Thursday, February 6, 2014
Time Participative Panel Discussions Solutions Roundtables Interactive Workshops Participative Panel Discussions Mixed
Breakfast & Registration
Opening Remarks
Welcome: Seth Vidaña | Sustainability Manager, Western Washington University
Kick-Off: Bruce Shepard | President, Western Washington University
Lummi Blessing: Led by Juanita Jefferson & Diane Vendiola | Welcome Song by Lawrence Solomon
Keynote: Nancy Lord | Author, Early Warming: Crisis and Response in the Climate-Changed North
Join other students from around the Pacific Northwest to discuss sustainability and participate in discussions and activities on topics such as: Divestment from fossil fuels, water conservation, feminism and sustainability, outreach tactics, campus dining, permaculture, community involvement, social sustainability, conscious consumption and more. This event will further attendees understanding of the interrelationship between social, economic and environmental systems with a focus on both regional and local issues. Don't miss out on these topics and the chance to form statewide connections! View the full schedule.
Networking Break
University of Washington (UW) and Washington State University (WSU) smart grid leaders team up for a hands-on demonstration of innovative "smart grid technologies" on the institutions' campuses. We'll learn about demand response dashboards, energy data utilization to reduce peak demand and utility costs and behavioral change initiatives that engage faculty and students. Come join the discussion on how smart grid has the potential to transform not only college campus infrastructure but also the entire regional electricity grid.
Moderator: Norm Menter | Energy Resource Conservation Manager, University of Washington
Guarrin Sakagawa | Facility Engineer, University of Washington, Campus Engineering & Operations Group
Beth Bryant | Affiliate Assistant Professor of School of Marine & Environmental Affairs, University of Washington
Terry Ryan, PE | Director, Energy Systems Operations, Washington State University
Jeremy Park | Power Systems Engineer, University of Washington
We invite participants in this Round Table to generate ideas for a faculty and curriculum development project focusing on climate solutions here in this region. Climate change is a daunting problem—it is both a symptom of humanity's current unsustainable direction and a doorway into deeper questions of how we might foster healthy ecosystems and social well-being on Earth. Our capacity to respond effectively to climate change therefore critically depends on our capacity to teach about it. In short, we too often teach students the doomsday science of climate change without engaging them in the constructive solutions currently underway.
Moderator: Jean MacGregor | Director, Curriculum for the Bioregion, The Evergreen State College
Maureen Ryan | Smith Conservation Research Fellow, University of Washington & Research Associate, Simon Fraser University; Adjunct Faculty, Western Washington University
Charity Flener Lovitt | Lecturer in Chemistry, Seattle University
What is 'Sustainability' in Higher Education? Are the common renewable energy, energy conservation, alternative transportation, and waste diversion tasks really adding up to create sustainable systems? Though many institutions are working on 'sustainability' what are the effective systemic changes that we should be focusing on? Sustainability is easier to define in the negative "that's not sustainable" than in the positive. How do we define a long-term sustainable system? Should our institutions shift from a net consumption role to a net zero role, or do we dare reach for a net regenerative role? Sustainability — endurability — is a quality of a process, a systemic quality rather than any particular task or singular perspective. This facilitated workshop is designed to lead participants through an exploration of fundamental systemic behaviors and the qualities essential to sustainable systems within the context of higher education. The workshop consists of small and large group collaborative discussions. We'll start with an assessment of where we are then lead into a focused exploration of systemic qualities within the context of higher education.
Leader: Scott Morgan | Director of Sustainability, The Evergreen State College
Nicholas Wooten | Student & Chair, Clean Energy Committee, The Evergreen State College
Faculty who are incorporating principles of sustainability into their courses often find that facts and research on sustainability or complex issues such as climate change may not convince our students of the need for deeper change. In this panel discussion, faculty in a variety of disciplines and programs will share how they are using reflective practices in working with students studying sustainable agriculture, climate change and interdisciplinary learning communities.
Co-Moderator: Holly Hughes | English Instructor & Co-Chair of the Sustainability Council, Edmonds Community College
Co-Moderator: Peter Martin | English as a Second Language Instructor, Edmonds Community College
Tim Hohn, M.S. | Chair & Instructor, Horticulture Department, Edmonds Community College
Beverly Faxon | Adjunct English Instructor, Edmonds Community College
Dr. Thomas Murphy | Chair of the Department of Anthropology, Edmonds Community College & Founder, LEAF School
Indigenous ecological knowledge recognizes life is interconnected. People and place are interwoven in patterns that are reciprocal, cyclical and animated with spirit. Indigenous Service Learning at Northwest Indian College builds transformational leaders and creates cultures of community to sustain these connections of people and place. This workshop will highlight some of these relational circles and initiatives at NWIC to maintain sustainable communities.
Moderator: Ane Berrett | Director of Service Learning, Northwest Indian College
Jessica Gigot | Science Faculty, Northwest Indian College
Cathy Ballew | Native Environmental Science Graduate, Northwest Indian College
Vanessa Cooper | Traditional Plants Program Manager, Northwest Indian College Cooperative Extension
Networking Break
This session features advancements in student learning through community service, civic engagement and personal responsibility. Universities and colleges in Washington are breaking campus silos and conventions by creating new kinds of service-learning partnerships with government agencies, local businesses and even prison systems. Join the discussion on discovering sustainability in service beyond the campus.
Moderator: Tiffany Webb | Education & Evaluations Coordinator, Sustainability in Prisons Project, The Evergreen State College
Nicholas Zaferatos, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of urban planning and sustainable development, Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University
James Loucky | Professor of Anthropology, Western Washington University
April McMurry | Service-Learning Program Coordinator, Center for Service-Learning, Western Washington University
Charlie Ashbaugh | Director, The Institute for Village Studies
This Solutions Roundtable welcomes waste management staff, campus recycling program managers, student leaders and all other resource management players to share their lessons and challenges of working toward zero waste across campus. Discussion will include operational systems strategies, staff and student engagement campaigns, innovations in waste minimization methods. Attendees will collaboratively work toward cross-campus solutions to help move all institutions closer to zero.
Moderator: Travis Friedman | Sustainability & Energy Manager, University of Puget Sound
Jacob de Guzman | Zero Waste Coordinator, Office of Sustainability, Western Washington University
Thea Kindschuh | Reuse Coordinator, Portland State University
Matthew Benedict | Recycling Coordinator & Compost Technician, Seattle University
Mike Sims | Program Coordinator, Institute for Sustainable Practices, Lane Community College
Sustainability and Burnout?! Overcoming the Paradox
Betsy W. Geist, Ph.D. | Dean, Graduate Programs in Leadership and Change at The Center for Creative Change, Antioch University-Seattle
A panel of campus transportation experts from three different universities discuss current campus transportation issues on each of their campuses. They will also share the processes of identifying these issues, the strategies of engaging various stakeholders and initiatives for behavioral change to design a greener transportation infrastructure campus.
Moderator: Deric Gruen | Sustainability Director, Bellevue College
John McLaughlin | Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University
Janie Bube | Student, Seattle University
Casey Gifford | Transportation Services, University of Washington
The panelists will discuss infusing sustainability into their courses to elevate student's capability of understanding sustainability and to gain basic comprehension through different course subjects.
Moderator: Grace Wang | Department of Environmental Studies, Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University
April Atwood | Instructor, Seattle University
Barry Maxwell | Political Science Faculty, Whatcom Community College
Pamela Pape-Lindstrom | Co-Chair, Life Sciences Department, Everett Community College
Dr. Susan Lonac | Professor, Whatcom Community College
Melissa Talbot | Division Coordinator, Social Sciences & Business, Law & Technology, Whatcom Community College
How can sustainability learning experiences for students become truly actionable? This panel brings together a mix of campus sustainability officers and university leaders in a discussion about infusing the curriculum across campus. We'll discuss stories, strategies and policies Washington and Oregon schools are using to bridge academics and campus operations.
Moderator: Seth Vidaña | Sustainability Manager, Western Washington University
Nick Lorax | Staff Lead, Sustainability Office, Pacific Lutheran University
Kai Okazaki | Student Coordinator, Sustainability in Residence, Campus Sustainability, The University of British Columbia
Brian Sullivan | Executive Chef, University of Puget Sound
Brian Kelly, MBA | Vice President, College Services & the Institute of Sustainable Practices, Lane Community College
This Solutions Roundtable invites student led food cooperative café, student leaders in food movement and campus dining services staff to share their knowledge of creating transparency in food purchasing, collaborating with local farms and providing hands-on learning opportunity on sustainable food services on campuses.
Moderator: Nick Wooten | Student & Chair, Clean Energy Committee, The Evergreen State College
Mark Allmand | RAD Sustainability Lead, The Evergreen State College
Grace LeVally | Student Sustainability Director, Gonzaga University
Lizzy Rieke | Staff Coordinator, Flaming Eggplant Café, The Evergreen State College
David Swayne | ARAMARK Sustainability Intern & Western Washington University Dining Services
Changing behavior and engaging a broad audience is one of the most important and challenging aspects of implementing successful sustainability programs in higher education. The University of Washington has developed a suite of Green Certification programs to educate, engage, and reward sustainability efforts on campus while helping the University meet goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and water, and diverting waste from the landfill. The development and success of UW's Green Certification programs will be evaluated in this hands-on workshop allowing participants to learn more about the programs at UW, what challenges the programs have faced, and what results have been achieved thus far. Participants will also have time to engage with peers and share best practices from successful programs at their colleges and universities.
Leader: Aubrey Batchelor | Sustainability Programs Supervisor, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, University of Washington
Jennifer Perkins | Sustainability Communications Coordinator, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, University of Washington
Carol Berry | Campus Conservation & Sustainable Transportation Program Manager, Western Washington University
This panel will focus on the understanding of sustainability principles and practices through self-realization of human's desire to live a long and healthy life and through working and learning with people from diverse and multicultural backgrounds.
Moderator: James Loucky | Professor of Anthropology, Western Washington University
Fred Tabor | Professor of Philosophy, Whatcom Community College
Marie Eaton | Professor, Fairhaven College, Western Washington University
Welcome to the Community and Technical College Sustainability Solutions Summit. This session will help identify and prioritize systemic barriers to sustainability across Community and Technical Colleges (CTCs) and begin a common dialogue that can address and discuss these issues across colleges and system-wide.
Moderator: Ian Siadak | Sustainability Coordinator, The Seattle Community College District
Alison Pugh | Energy Management Director & Sustainability Researcher, Edmonds Community College
Deric Gruen | Sustainability Director, Bellevue College
Networking Break
This session is designed for the scientists and artists of sustainability education. Educators come together in a conversation about the latest instructional models and approaches to teaching the conceptual knowldege and priciples of sustainability. Speakers present contemplations and explorations of literature, humanities, controversy and bioregionalism plus the challenges of instilling sustainability problem solving beyond the classroom.
Moderator: Dr. Ben Fackler-Adams | Instructor, Interdisciplinary Sciences, Skagit Valley College
Arlene Plevin | Professor, Department of English, Olympic College
Jennifer Atkinson, Ph.D. | Lecturer, Environmental Humanities School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, University of Washington, Bothell
Sonya Remington Doucette, Ph.D. | Faculty, Bellevue College
Robert Turner | Senior Lecturer, University of Washington, Bothell
At this Round Table, campus student leaders come to advocate for a bottled water free campus. The session leaders will also share their commitments to remove bottled water sales from vending machines, campus dining and athletic events, strategies to change campus management strategies and to shift culture of drinking bottled water to tap water.
Moderator: Christine Cooley LEED AP | Sustainability Manager, Pacific Lutheran University
Karen Price | Seattle University, Campus Sustainability Manager
Michelle Dannehy | Student, Western Washington University
Sarah Egger-Weiler | Sustainability Outreach Coordinator, University of Puget Sound, Sustainability Advisory Committee
This interactive session will allow various campuses to check in and see how other schools are running their Green Fund Programs. We want this to be a dynamic, interactive space that allows for idea sharing and collaboration on how to make our programs even better. Participants will leave the workshop with ideas and plans to make their Green Fund Programs stronger. We wish to facilitate networking between the campuses so that strong relationships are forged between those involved with Green Fund Programs.
Leader: Regan Clover | Green Energy Fee Grant Program Coordinator, Office of Sustainability, Western Washington University
Sadie Normoyle | Student & Green Energy Fee Education Coordinator, Western Washington University
Alyssa MacDonald | Student & Green Energy Fee Outreach Assistant, Western Washington University
Alex Clark | Environmental & Social Responsibility Representative on the Student Government, Bellevue College
In this session, panelists will highlight a broad range of facility management practices — clean energy technology, energy data tracking, social responsibility procurement and environmental friendly cleaning product that drive the campus to a sustainable campus operations.
Moderator: Scott Morgan | Director of Sustainability, The Evergreen State College
Stephen Harvey | Student Project Coordinator, Western Washington University
Ryan Lambert, PE, CEM, PMP, LEED AP | Supervising Engineer, Building Performance Team, Puget Sound Energy
Michael Smith | Academic Custodial Services Senior Supervisor, Western Washington University
Kyle Richard | Corporate Social Responsibility Analyst, University of Washington
In this session, session participants will view several short films, including films produced by students in Alaska, Mongolia and here in the U.S. The session coordinator will then go through the process of assisting students in creating the films, suggesting methods and techniques that can be transferred to other teachers/coordinators to use in their specific regions. The session will conclude with a discussion about how a repository of these stories might be used to effect policy at the local, state and regional level.
Leader: Lauren McClanahan, Ph.D. | Professor of Secondary Education, Woodring College of Education, Western Washington University
Hosted Networking Reception
Day Two | Friday, February 7, 2014
Breakfast & Registration
Opening Remarks
Welcome: Seth Vidaña | Sustainability Manager, Western Washington University
Keynote: Jennifer Allen | Director, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Portland State University
Networking Break
What is the role of higher education in climate change leadership? This session features various approaches in climate leadership from scenario master planning, to greenhouse gas inventorying and forming a local carbon market. All of which can be considered a comprehensive commitment to climate resilience. We welcome you to join this systems-approach conversation about embedding climate action processes now for improved institutional resilience tomorrow.
Moderator: Shelly Vendiola | Tribal Governance & Business Management Program, Northwest Indian College
Margaret Robertson | Teacher, Lane Community College
Erin Stanforth | Sustainability Manager, Portland Community College
Patrick Van Inwegen | Associate Professor, Whitworth University
The fossil fuel divestment campaign, promoted worldwide by 350.org, is the fastest growing divestment movement in history. Divestment cannot hope to be successful in isolation, but is nonetheless a powerful tactic not only in publicizing the effects of climate change by tying it to personal and institutional investments but also in redirecting investment away from harmful industries and ensuring sound long-term investment strategies. The presentation will also focus on comparing the challenges public and private school students face in navigating administrations and endowment structures. A group of student researchers and leaders will facilitate an interactive dialogue on how divestment fits into the landscape of other climate change initiatives and how to kick-start a divestment campaign working through university systems.
Moderator: Collin Smith | Student, Geology-Environmental Studies, Whitman College
Jenny Godwin | Students for Renewable Energy, Western Washington University
Alex Lenferna | Ph.D. Candidate of Philosophy, University of Washington
In this workshop, the Curriculum for the Bioregion project director and sustainability-education leaders on two campuses will engage participants in this "big ideas" curriculum design strategy to demonstrate a model workshop that can be adapted for use on any campus. The presenters will share teaching-and-learning activities they have developed, their work with faculty colleagues, and will reflect on the "faculty learning community" strategy as a generative way for faculty to support one another's new teaching moves.
Introduction: Thomas Purce | President, The Evergreen State College
Moderator: Jean MacGregor | Director, Curriculum for the Bioregion, The Evergreen State College
Kim McNamara | Business Faculty, Olympic College
Claus Svendsen | Department Chair, Environmental Conservation Program, Skagit Valley College
Using a whole systems framework, panelists will highlight food and farming related projects on their various campuses. Topics for discussion will include integrating organic gardens into campus life, sharing the knowledge of sustainable farmers, and raising awareness of food justice on campus and beyond.
Moderator: Jason Niebler, M.S. | Director & Founder, Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAgE) | Horticulture Department, Edmonds Community College
Irina Gendelman | Associate Professor, Saint Martin's University
Chris Plemmons, CEC, AAC | Chef Instructor, Olympic College Culinary Arts Program
Joan Qazi, Ph.D. | Adjunct Faculty, Wenatchee Valley College
Pacific Northwest institutions are making headway on infusing sustainability into their academics, operations, and student life. What can we do to support one another in this endeavor, and how can we harness our collective student bodies, budgets, and strategic objectives to speed up achievement of our goals? Listen to examples of joint efforts, join the conversation on what the regional campus sustainability movement needs to be more effective, and help the shape the future of the new Northwest Higher Education Sustainability Consortium.
Moderator: Seth Vidaña | Sustainability Manager, Western Washington University
Deric Gruen | Sustainability Director, Bellevue College
Networking Break
The panel features an engaging dialogue about the interplay between resource conservation and behavior change. High tech does not always deliver the changes you need in energy reduction, water conservation, or carbon mitigation. In fact, to have a complete toolbox to achieve your campus resource conservation goals, you'll need to implement a successful behavior change program as well. Join a mix of student, staff and faculty to learn about new techniques to boost positive behavior change on campus and have a fun time doing it!
Moderator: Bob Riesenberg | Chair, Sustainability Committee, Whatcom Community College
Christine Cooley LEED AP | Sustainability Manager, Pacific Lutheran University
Jes Takla | Director of Residential Programs, Pacific Lutheran University
Kendra Krantz | Residents' Resource Awareness Program Coordinator, Western Washington Universtiy
Scott Morgan | Director of Sustainability, The Evergreen State College
Zack Wangler | Sustainability Technician, Pacific Lutheran University
This Solutions Roundtable invites instructors, campus staff and student leaders to share their lessons of engaging students in sustainability through extracurricular organizations, campus resources and research projects. Discussions will include what program design has been most successful for students, what projects are best for career preparation and how schools can maximize learning experience.
Moderator: Aubrey Batchelor | Sustainability Programs Supervisor, Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, University of Washington
Sharon Goodman | Director of Residential & Dining Services, The Evergreen State College
Megan Horst | Instructor, ENVIR 480 Sustainability Studio, University of Washington
Michelle Song | AmeriCorps Student Engagement Specialist, Edmonds Community College
Dr. E.J. Zita | Professor & Farmer, The Evergreen State College
Much of environmental news is very grim and both students and faculty battle with disaster fatigue which leads to inaction and depression. Art has the power to communicate these same messages in ways that create joy and promote hope as well as individual accomplishment. Art is also therapeutic and it is proposed that this method of communication is essential if sustainability and environmental concerns are to be effectively addressed and action taken. This session will introduce an interdisciplinary project that created a life-sized baby whale. The project had its genesis in an unpalatable environmental concern in Puget Sound: our trash and dead whales. Through the actions of students, faculty, and community supporters, Eco is currently migrating, effectively relaying a message vital to the health of our waters and their inhabitants. By choosing a subject about which we're passionate, we are inspired to maintain the long trek required to see such projects through. If we follow our hearts as well as our social and environmental conscience, we will find self-sustainment. This session will have a workshop format that enables participants to sustainably promote solutions.
Leader: Marie Weichman | Instructor of Art, Olympic College
Dr. Susan Digby | Instructor of Geography, Olympic College
Funding Tools for Sustainability Projects
Moderator: Suzanne Zitzer | Executive Assistant, College of the Environment, University of Washington
Mike Fowler | Program Manager for Multifamily New Construction, Puget Sound Energy
John Furman | Director of Facilities Management, Western Washington University
Mike Locke P.E. | Vice President, Energy & Facility Solutions, McKinstry
Jeff Philip | Public Affairs Manager, EPA Region 10
In this high interactive session, attendees will learn how to make current on-line education engaging and interactive and where the future education platform will be trending. The session leaders will demonstrate that the new In The Telling (ITT) is a way for educators and trainers to offer a sustainability "add-on" to any class or to supplement a full sustainable business curriculum.
Moderator: Kevin Wilhelm | Chief Executive Officer, Sustainability Business Consulting & Professor, Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Gifford Pinchot | President, Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Kurt Kirstein | Dean of the School of Management, City University of Seattle
Closing Segment: Washington Higher Education Presidents
Moderator: Paul Dunn | Senior Executive Assistant to the President, Western Washington University
Bruce Shepard | President, Western Washington University
David Mitchell | President, Olympic Community College
Kathi Hiyane-Brown | President, Whatcom Community College
Les Purce | President, The Evergreen State College
Tom Keegan | President, Skagit Valley College
Closing Remarks: Seth Vidaña | Sustainability Manager, Western Washington University

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