What is WAHESC?

WAHESC pursues four over-arching goals:

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Advance sustainability efforts through facilitating communications and disseminating knowledge and information from and to the various campuses and their communities

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Develop the understanding of sustainability among the wide spectrum of the Consortium's college and university communities as well as other individuals and groups with similar values and goals

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Promote partnerships for advancing sustainability among the wide spectrum of the Consortium communities as well as other individuals and groups with like values and goals

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Increase capacity for the practice of sustainability on campuses and among the WAHESC communities through building skills, transforming attitudes, and providing resources

Past Events/Conferences

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WAHESC 2015 Sustainability Practitioners Retreat

Officers Retreat at University of Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran University

In July we are hosting a smaller retreat for all types of campus sustainability practitioners: Sustainability officers, sustainability committee members, faculty who teach about sustainability, student sustainability staff, and others. If part of your role is furthering sustainability at your campus, we want you here! The intent of this activity is to provide a more intimate setting for people from each school to join this conversation. In this smaller setting we hope to carry the conversation well past introductions into targeted sessions and topics where we need the most help or have the most questions.

Washington Higher Education Sustainability Hour

Campus Bottled Water Bans; Beyond Excuses

Chrissy Cooley from the Pierce Co. Conservation District presents the concept of a state-wide bottled water ban for higher education.

Real Food Challenge

Emily Dunn-Wilder and Jesse Honiker from Evergreen State College present on bringing local, organic, fair-trade and humanely-raised food to their campus.

Native Lands Restoration

Christian Rusby and Josh Meyers from North Seattle College present on reclaiming areas on campus overrun with invasive species to foster a healthy ecosystem and sustainable campus.

Campus as Living Laboratory

Nick Lorax from Pacific Lutheran University presents on PLU’s collaboration between Facilities Management, the Sustainability Office, and Environmental Studies to design curriculum that utilizes the campus as a living laboratory.

Low-Cost, High Impact Conservation Campaigns

Carol Berry from Western Washington University presents on Western’s low-cost, high impact conservation campaigns that promote community-wide participation.

Sustainability Through Food Justice

Renee Maschi from University of Puget Sound presents on tackling the problem of food waste and hunger through food salvage and community gardens.

Washington Business Climate Declaration

Claudia Frere-Anderson from University of Washington presents on UW’s role in the Washington Business Climate Declaration and potential for Washington State higher education institutions.

Green Labs

Aubrey Batchelor from University of Washington presents on the opportunities for labs to be more green and UW’s experience thus far with the green labs initiative.


First Conference hosted at Western Washington University

We did it! Washington’s first ever higher education sustainability conference featured 31 sessions, 116 speakers, and over 450 attendees. Thank you for making WAHESC such a success! We look forward to our next WAHESC Conference, planned for 2017. Sustainability officers, specialists, and campus sustainability representatives are invited to this summer’s WAHESC Officers Retreat.

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